Northstar Tutoring’s mission is to help low-income and underserved children living in Washington, D.C. reach their full potential by overcoming barriers to personal and academic success. The goal of all Northstar activities are two-fold: to help students reach and exceed academic grade level requirements, and to help them along the path of personal success through the active and long-term support of a successful and caring adult.

To achieve this, Northstar provides students with their own tutor and holds free, twice-weekly tutoring sessions and monthly mentoring activities. Through these relationships, students not only receive much needed academic support, but also the stability that comes through a caring mentor relationship.

Additionally, Northstar runs summer programs that allow students to continue to make academic progress over the summer months. Over eight weeks during the summer of 2019, Northstar continued running tutoring sessions in Hyattsville. Stay tuned for our summer 2020 scheduling.

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