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At Northstar Tutoring, our goal is to ensure that every student has the opportunity for a brighter future. We achieve this by helping low-income and underserved children in the Washington, D.C. area achieve their full potential by overcoming obstacles to personal and academic success. By pairing each student with a volunteer tutor/mentor, we provide the free academic support and personal attention these students might not otherwise have.The goal of all Northstar activities is two-fold: to help students reach and exceed academic grade level requirements, and to help them along the path of personal success through the active and long-term support of a successful and caring adult.


Northstar Tutoring provides K-12 students with free, personalized one-on-one tutoring sessions multiple times a week with their dedicated tutors. These tutors commit to supporting their students throughout the entire academic year, with many returning for several years, ensuring consistent support across their academic journey. During the 60-90 minute tutoring sessions, students and tutors work together to complete homework, prepare for quizzes and tests, and work on math and reading materials provided by Northstar.


In addition to serving as tutors, Northstar volunteers are also mentors to their students. After working together for six weeks, tutors are encouraged to take their students out on monthly mentoring outings. These mentoring activities range from going to the movies or visiting a museum, to attending sporting events or meeting at a library for extra tutoring sessions. Mentoring outings not only expose students to activities they might not otherwise participate in, they also strengthen the bond between students and tutors. 


Thanks to our high student and tutor retention rates, most Northstar pairs work together for multiple years. Through these relationships, students receive not only essential academic assistance but also the stability and personal support that comes from a caring, long-term mentor relationship.


Northstar was founded in 2017, initially serving 75 students at our first location in Columbia Heights. Over the next three years, we expanded our reach by partnering with various local organizations and schools, doubling our impact to serve 150 students. When COVID-19 struck in 2020, we transitioned our program to a fully online format, ensuring our students continued to receive support remotely. Upon resuming in-person tutoring, we further expanded our programming, serving 380 students across four locations by 2023. We are excited to continue our work moving forward with DC schools, community centers and the DC Public Libraries.

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