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Are you interested in volunteering at a particular site?
Do you authorize Northstar Tutoring to post photographs or videos of you during tutoring sessions or special events in order to promote the program?

Policy Regarding Out of Session Interaction With Students

Before Northstar receives official background check clearance, there is to be no in person contact outside of the tutoring sessions. This does NOT include telephone contact, meetings that take place in the presence of a student’s parent/guardian, and tutoring sessions which can all take place immediately. We encourage volunteers to contact students and parents/guardians by phone throughout the tutoring process starting immediately.

Once you have background check clearance you are welcome (but not required) to take your student out on a mentoring activity. When meeting with students outside of tutoring sessions, volunteers must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. You must have met the student’s parent/guardian in person prior to the initial outing. The first meeting is not to occur when the volunteer is picking up the student for the first outing.

  2. The volunteer and parent must complete and submit the parental consent form before the first outing is to take place. Please note this form will cover all future outings and does not need to be completed for each individual meeting.

  3. The volunteer must get the approval of the parent/guardian for all outings.

  4. Northstar does not assume any liability or provide any liability insurance for any accident or injury that occurs during outings including transportation in a vehicle.

  5. Please notify Northstar within 36 hours that you have taken your student on a mentoring outing.

  6. No overnight visits are allowed.


Your signature below represents an acknowledgment that you have read and understand these policies.  There can be no exceptions.  Volunteers who violate the policy will be asked to leave the program immediately.  Please sign and return this document to Northstar and retain a copy for your records.

Thanks for submitting! Someone will respond shortly.

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